Skin & Beauty

Organic100πŸ’― Porfilling mask (detox skin , helps to shrink open pores) Glass skin cream ( daily use twice for seamless glass skin ,it will work on skin texture ) Honey glow potion ( Daily moisture therapy ) Whipped creamy body butter ( use after every bath it will coat ur body with it’s best buttery properties) Charcolicious mask ( activated charcoal reduce access oil and control sweat also remove black and white heads ) Cuticle+ nail oil ( for weak and cracked nails πŸ’…) Cheek tints pink (silky pink πŸ“ ) peach (sunkissed πŸ‘) Grape seed toner (helps to tone skin and tighten ups the pores ) Fructive hair oil our best selling oil ( properties of Amla ,Retha and shikakai helps to promote growth of new hairs and immediately stops Hairfall ) Aloe Vera oil ( helps to improve baldness ) Face wash (use twice a day for clean and gentle skin ) Glycerine ( used in various DIY ) for best results Coconut oil (100% pure coconut πŸ₯₯ oil ) Mustard oil ( 100% pure mustard oil ) for dry and frizzy hairs Cream of berry ( moisture for those who have normal to oily skin very berrylicious ) Butterskin mud mask (for instant glow and brightness ,removes black and white heads ) Rose water ( πŸ’― pure rose water ) Cocolip food (makes lip soft and pink can be used as lip primer as well ) Pure face oil (anti-aging and reduce pigmentation best face massage oil ) Oil cleanser ( Best organic product ,used for double cleanse method , gentle way to remove makeup and dirt ).